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The Boss BE10ACP is a floating-screen car radio with built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that uses a single-DIN chassis to support a large, 10.1-inch floating screen in your dash. It's a great way to integrate your smartphone with your car and get a nice, big screen to make playing music, answering calls and texts, and viewing maps super convenient.

Boss BE10ACP receiver only:

Boss BE10ACP-C receiver/camera combo:

The big touchscreen puts the relevant capabilities of your smartphone front and center on your dash, making it easier to keep your eyes on the road than hooking up your phone in a holder. The BE10ACP also sports something that most car stereos these days don't — a volume knob. We love volume knobs because they make the task of lowering and raising volume an easy one that you can do without looking away from the road.

Bluetooth is built in also, and you can have your digital assistants handle simple tasks. The BE10ACP lets you play music from a thumb drive, and two USB outputs are built in, so you can still plug in your phone while playing music from a flash drive.

The BE10ACP, with its big screen, is great for adding a backup camera. Boss sells a package called the BE10ACP-C that comes with one for minimal added cost.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Big 10.1-inch touchscreen
0:44 Fully detachable
1:13 Smartphone integration
1:50 Sound adjustments
2:07 Preamp outputs for adding amps/subs
2:32 Two USB inputs
3:08 A/V input for adding a source
3:24 Two camera inputs
3:45 Three-year warranty
4:01 Recap and contact info
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