Boss Elite Stereo Receiver BE7ACP Support Andriod Auto and Apple Carplay Unboxing and Assembly

Purchased a new stereo receiver for my car, time to upgrade. I wanted it to support Android Auto. so I got the Boss Elite BE7ACP. I'm not very picky with sounds, just need it to connect to my phone and make it easier to use.
I purchased from BestBuy, They have free installation, however, they can't order the mounting kit, there were no stock. also, harness and steering wheel control harness are sold separately and it cost just as much as the stereo. so I just purchased the stereo.

The stereo has Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity. it also have a USB as well as a Micro SD card slot.

I purchased the other accessories from eBay and had a guy came out to my house to install it. So far so good. looks really good in the car. Need some time to make sure all works.
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