Boss Katana 210 Bass Amplifier | Demonstration & Favourite Sounds

Mike is back from our Liverpool store, demonstrating why you need this Boss Katana 210 Bass Amp in your life!

This video runs you through just a few of the incredible sounds this amp is capable of. The long-awaited low-end instalment to the wildly popular Boss Katana amplifier range, this amp is truly packed full of tone, features, and inspiration. It features a huge range of pre- and post-EQ effects from simple compressors to tap-tempo delays to weird and wonderful bass synth simulators.

The build quality is superb, but the amp remains light enough to carry to and from gigs or the band room thanks to its digital construction. There are 1/4" jack, balanced XLR and USB outs, so you can send your lovingly crafted tone straight to a mixing desk or plug directly into your computer for super easy home recording. If you're a bass player who's tired of watching the guitarist have all the tone-shaping fun, there is simply no reason not to pick up this incredible amp.
Michael O'Farrell - Rimmers Music

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