BOSS: SY-200 Synthesizer. Drone Demo

Tonight I gave the new BOSS SY-200 Synth pedal a bit of a shot. It's been sitting on my desk staring at me for a couple of weeks now, wanting some attention. What could I do to make a demo that's a little different to all of the comprehensive tech-talk, this-does-this demos out there? I know - USE it! Yeah. So I jacked it into the Axe-FX III. In the Axe I dialled up some delay and reverb for a Vangelis kind of vibe. I kept an old Fender combo model and a nifty pitch-shifting delay on standby too. Make it a party. Engage the looper, play an E note drone with a 'soft pad' sound and go for it. Well, that's how I'd use it unless I had to imitate some keys in a cover band or something.

The SY-200 is great fun. 170+ sounds divided into 11 groups. All the adjustment you need is at your fingertips and no special pickups or converters required. If you want to control it with MIDI and/or an expression pedal or two you can do that too. Have a great weekend!*

Tonight's tools:

Guitar: 2019 Fender USA LE Cabronita. Stock
Amp: Axe-FX III MKII running Cygnus FW 17.02 - Delays, Reverb, Fender Concert 6G12 model.
Power Supply: Eventide PowerMax by Cioks
Cables: BOSS
Camera: iPhone 11 Pro and Canon D60
Soundcard: PreSonus Quantum & Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX III MKII (guitar, mixing and bouncing).
Desktop Monitors: PreSonus R80 R-Series Active AMT Studio Monitors (https://www.presonus.com)
Computer: 2017 Apple iMac Pro, 2.5 GHz 14-Core Intel Xeon W, 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro Vega 64X 16 GB
Software: Logic Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Compressor.

*I'll be learning how to use the tracking facility in Final Cut Pro X properly...
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