Boyuurange Reisong A12: Quick Fix Tube Swap

I wanted to test my theory on what makes an SE tube amp sound good and I was right! No spoilers but this "mod" is simply an output tube swap that massively reduces the distortion. It proves to me what direction to go in as far as further mods. This was so mind blowing I wanted to make a short video to show y'all this, more to come later this week.

This A12 amp is sold on Amazon for just under $500 and for many folks this is their first taste of a tube amplifier. I plan to do a complete video series, critically testing this and exploring ways to improve the sound just like I did on the A50 amp. I know a lot of people own these and like them, I'm curious how they actually perform!

I will upload a schematic and updates after I finish working on this amp.
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