BRAND NEW - BOSS Dual Cube Amps! - The ULTIMATE Portable, Versatile, Powerful Guitar & Bass Amps!

Dagan checks out the awesome new BOSS Dual Cube LX Guitar & Bass Amps! BOSS have always been at the forefront of creating THE 'flagship' great sounding, versatile, portable amps with their Cube Series in the past, and this new itteration is no different! Packed with tonnes of modern features but maintaining that classic Cube 'easy to use' interface, the BOSS Duel Cube LX amps tick every box a guitarist & bass players need in an awesome, portable amp!

Grab your own BOSS Dual Cube LX & all the accessories mentioned in this video from PMT Online below!
Guitar Dual Cube Amp - https://bit.ly/3wxDzs3
Bass Dual Cube Amp - https://bit.ly/3Kh8dM5
All BOSS Amps - https://bit.ly/3ThUfNQ
BOSS BT-Dual Bluetooth Adapter - https://bit.ly/3KjWPPq
BOSS FS-5U Footswitch - https://bit.ly/3wshACI
BOSS FS-6 Footswitch - https://bit.ly/3CrgBqp
BOSS FS-7 Footswitch - https://bit.ly/3wtvfd4

Head to https://bosstoneexchange.com to save, download and share your tones & have sone fun with pre-created ones. In some cases, tones shaped by some of the worlds greatest guitar players!

The BOSS DUAL CUBE LX Guitar Amplifier is an Ultra-versatile desktop amp with pro amp tones and effects, expansive stereo sound, and extended range for performing, recording, and livestreaming.

For over four decades, CUBE amplifiers have brought exceptional value to musicians everywhere, offering great sound and versatile features in portable, go-everywhere designs. The DUAL CUBE LX Guitar Amplifier carries on this long tradition, evolved with the latest BOSS advancements for unmatched flexibility. This portable powerhouse is the ultimate amp for home practice and jamming with friends. And with a generous array of connectivity options, its range extends to stage performing, recording, and many other applications.

00:00 Intro - 7 Riffs For 7 Amp Models
04:47 What Are The New Dual Cubes From BOSS?
07:38 Specs And Awesome, Unique Features!
09:39 Tone Demos - Dual Cube LX
13:57 Dual Cube Bass LX - Specs, Features And Some Tones
18:41 Tone Demos - Dual Cube Bass LX
20:20 Final Thoughts

Rock the rest of the gear Dagan uses in this video at PMT Online below:
Kramer Pacer - https://bit.ly/3pPnl9P
Shure SM57 Mics - https://bit.ly/3QP4Z4Z

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