Bravo Six, Going STEALTH - HiFiMAN Arya Stealth V3 vs V2 Comparison

---- Featured: ----
- Arya Stealth (FREE APOS CABLE):
- Arya Stealth (Open-Box, use SPECIAL99 code for $99 off):
- Arya V2:
- Apos Flow Cable XLR (for Arya, Sundara, Ananda, etc):
- Flow Cable Pentaconn:
- Flow Cable 1/4 inch Single-Ended:

Yes I know, a lot of links haha. Well I had just about given up hope for the Arya line but lo and behold, in comes the Stealth! I hope this video helps your purchasing decision. Thanks for tuning in!

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- Patreon:

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---- Top 5 Headphones of All-Time! ----

** Sennheiser HD600/6XX (Neutrality Benchmark, My Reference; My Favorite HP of All-Time)**
- (HD600 2019 Revision) Amazon:
- (HD600 Original Version) Amazon:
- (HD6XX) Drop:

** Sennheiser HD800/s (High-End Detail, GRANDNESS)**
- HD800s (Amazon):
- HD800 (eBay):

** HiFiMAN Sundara (HD600 - HD800 Love-Child) **
- (2020 Newest Revision) Apos Audio:

** AudioTechnica M40X (The only closed-back I actually like, but actually a great deal) **
- Amazon:

** AKG K7XX (Multimedia Comfort Kings) **
- eBay:

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