Bread - Games Of Magic (MFSL Vinyl) + Transrotor ZET 3 + Hana ML + Bigbottle Mk3

Transrotor ZET 3 + Konstant Ref. psu
Jelco TK850s
Zavfino Majestic tonearm cable
Hana ML moving coil cartridge
Bigbottle mk3 valve phono stage
Musical Fidelity AMS 35i (pure class-A) amplifier
Electrocompaniet EMC 1UP cdp + spider clamp
Auralic Aries Mini + Sbooster mk2
Chord Qutest DAC + Sbooster mk2
Isotek Aquarius mains conditioner
KEF Reference 3 + IsoAcoustics Gaia II
MIT AVt MA speaker + interconnect cables
Viablue x40 mains cables/ Furutech plugs
Synergistic Research blue/orange fuses
IsoAcoustics Orea graphite/bronze/indigo
Solid Tech hybrid rack
iPhone XS max camera + Zoom IQ7 mini mic
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