BTR#47 Vintage Tremolo: from amplifier to pedal

A comprehensive rundown on the tremolo effect: from the De Armond Rowe "Tremolo Control" of the 1940's to the tube circuits of the amplifiers of the 1950's, to the Vox "Repeat Percussion" of the 1960's and so on. Finally we'll discover some great contemporary tremolo pedals that draw directly their inspiration from vintage amplifiers: Surfy Industries Surfyvibe, Surfy Industries Surfytrem, Subdecay Vagabond and Origin Effects Deluxe 61 or Revival Trem. The world of classic tremolo from a historical, technical and cultural point of view!

-English subtitles available
-Sottotitoli in Italiano

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00:00 - Tremolo and Vibrato
03:14 - De Armond / Rowe Tremolo Control Unit
05:20 - Tremolo in amplifiers: early examples
06:24 - Tube Bias Modulating Tremolo
08:00 - Magnatone 280 F.M. Vibrato by Don Bonham
09:18 - Fender Harmonic Tremolo in "Brownface" Amplifiers
10:32 - Photocell Tremolo
11:43 - Vox Repeat Percussion
12:53 - From Boss PN-2 to Fulltone Supa-Trem and Demeter Tremulator
14:22 - Surfy Industries Surfyvibe
15:44 - Surfy Industries Surfytrem
17:08 - Subdecay Vagabond
19:24 - Origin Effects Deluxe 61 (Revival Trem)
20:33 - Tremolo in music
22:57 - Conclusions #BOTTOMLINE

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