Budget 5.1 Assembled Home Theatre Amplifier | Surround and Subwoofer Bass Test | Use Headphones

TDA2030 + STK4191 with 4 inch Woofers +10 inch Subwoofer
5.1 channel assembled home theater amplifier with good clarity audio and excellent subwoofer bass response under budget price range.

TDA2030 18W x 5 channels
STK4191 100W for Subwoofer
20v-0-20v 5A Transformer HD core for Power Supply
5000uF 50V Keltron Capacitor Filter
Dual BT Board from SRI
Grand Sub Board from Vasanth
Surround and Center Board from Hitech
MP3 + Bluetooth Board from Vire

4 inch woofers (Apex) for 5 Channels
Tweeters for Front and Rear Channels
10 inch Dainty Subwoofer
Assembled Subwoofer Box with 3inch air pipe
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