Build a 6SN7 Triode tube Guitar Class A amp can it be done Solution Unique D-Lab design cool!

Over the years I have read on many forums "Can anyone show me how to build a low power guitar amp using 6SN7 tubes?" Usually the responses are vague and inaccurate. So, I decided to take on the challenge, keep the cost low, make it utilizing common output and power transformers. I believe this is it! This design is solid, sounds sweet, great for recording. Yes, I'm sure there are things that could improved on, however the basic concept works. Think of the thousands of 6SN7 tubes available for cheap vrs the cost of a popular 6V6. Here is the info you seek. e-mail me if you want the schematic.
I see that there is a need for experimental one off designs. D-Lab electronics accepts the challenge and will continue to produce results!
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