Build Your Own Tube Amplifier - KLD JCM25PC Kit Review, Guide & Tips - Marshall JCM800 Clone

KLD Guitar makes very affordable guitar gear and offers many clones of some of the most iconic amplifiers including Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Matchless, and more. They offer kits ranging from DIY, partially assembled, to fully assembled as well, so even if you don't have soldering experience you can still grab this amp as an affordable alternative to the real deal. If you decide to build one of the DIY kits then this video should be extremely helpful for you.

There are a few minor issues with the kit that are addressed in the video. Other than that, build quality is good. The PCB is thick and seems comparable to the quality that the major manufactures use. The transformers are heavy and sound good despite being Chinese. Alpha pots were included and the rest of the components are perfectly fine. The particular kit reviewed and demoed in this video is the JCM25PC which is a clone of the Marshall JCM800.

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JCM25P (partially assembled):

JCM25K (fully assembled):


Build Your Own Current Limiter for Protection:
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