Building a Bottlehead Crack Headphone Tube Amplifier, but after each step the video gets 2% faster.

First time making anything like this.
Not much experience with soldering either.
It was easy enough for a beginner.
The amp itself is pretty good, and the headphones that benefitted the most from my inventory were dynamic drivers, especially hd650 (black silk) and hd600 (black silk). The sound really good on this tube amp.
It does NOT do well with any of the planars that i have tried.

The build process was an enjoyable experience. I did need to do a little troubleshooting. I actually missed a wire and had to figure out where it went wrong, using the multimeter as a guide to point me in the right direction (i had one wire missing from the smaller tube to the volume knob) but it felt great once i figured it out and everything was working.

My other mistake is in the video. i was trying to thread metal of the red thing using pliers. My mistake was not threading it far enough, make sure the screw goes all the way through.

- From the instructions there are 2 different parts lists, read both before starting.
-Read instructions the very carefully and go one step at a time.
-the fuse took me a while to figure out where it went, i had to flip the board over (duh), but i made sure to leave that in the video as well.

I did buy the speed ball upgrade too, but haven't installed it yet.
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