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As a long-time session and live guitarist, Strymon's own Sean Halley has learned a thing or two about building guitar effects setups - from small boards involving three or four pedals all the way to intensely complicated systems that incorporate MIDI, clock distribution, power-soaking, serial/parallel operation and rack switching units, he's had experience with just about every kind of rig there is. Come along as he builds a demo pedalboard for the road and takes you step-by-step, explaining every part of the process as he goes (and goes and goes), finally testing the board at the end to show a number of different pedal combinations.

00:00 - Intro
00:59 - List Of Topics
03:45 - Gear complement reveal
04:36 - 3rd party gear description
05:58 - Pedal order - going direct or using an amp?
08:34 - Pedalboard choice
10:22 - Pedal layout on the board
10:34 - Pedal choice
12:19 - Mono-to-stereo concerns
14:15 - All About Velcro
18:10 - Mounting The Pedals to The Board Part I
25:32 - Mounting The Pedals To The Board Part II
28:15 - Building custom TRS-to-dual-TS cables
32:40 - Connecting the audio cables on the board
33:42 - Building right-end MIDI cables
40:31 - Connecting The Morningstar MC6 and two Conduit interfaces
41:27 - Connecting the pedals to the Conduit interfaces
42:49 - Talking about power supplies Part I
45:35 - Introduction to MIDI setup and behavior Part I
47:45 - Morningstar MC6 and Mission Expression Pedal Setup
51:35 - Setting Iridium Up To Receive MIDI
52:19 - Setting El Capistan to Receive MIDI
53:12 - Expression Pedal Test
54:19 - Full Pedalboard Complete/Power Supplies Part II
57:00 - Outro Talking Head Sum-Up Bit
58:00 - Pedalboard playing examples, random tones from the pedals

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