Building a NEW 8-BIT MSX machine in 2023 – The last mile is getting longer !

I have had this PCB laying around for quite some time, and I have been looking forward to do the actual build. This time we go through the schematics, and also do a walkthrough of GAL chips and programming them. We talk a little about the different 74 series of logic, and especially the speed differences. I think we say that in the end we are a bit closer to a working MSX2.
The design of this is called the Omega MSX2, and is done by Sergey Kiselev. I have done some other projects by him. Among others the Micro 8088, The ISA disk and serial controller, the ISA super VGA, and the XT-CF-Lite. This was well before my YouTube days. In this first installment we did go through the BOM, the PCB, and starts populating the board. Hopefully we are able to give some more detailed insight into the electronics behind the MSX in the later episodes. As always I try to give some advice along the way. Here are some more of the WEB resources that I have dived into along the way. #MSX #KitComputer #RetroComputers #msx2
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