Buying Guide: How to Buy Your First Keyboard

A good beginner keyboard is an ideal instrument for students embarking on their musical education. Light enough to be transported, the best keyboard models teach students skills they transfer to full-size pianos. In this keyboard buying guide, we’ll examine your options, whether you’re buying an instrument for a student or searching for the best keyboard for beginner adults (it’s never too late to learn to play).

00:00 Intro
00:34 The Best Keyboard for Beginners
01:00 Attributes of Good Keyboards
03:29 Buying Keyboard Accessories
03:53 What is a Keyboard Workstation?
04:19 Advantages of a Keyboard Workstation
04:34 Disadvantages of a Keyboard Workstation
04:50 What is an Arranger Keyboard?
05:07 Advantages and Disadvantages of an Arranger Keyboard
05:29 What is a Synthesizer?
05:49 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Synthesizer
06:11 What is a Digital Piano?
06:46 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Digital Piano
07:19 What is a Midi Controller Keyboard?
07:40 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Midi Controller Keyboard
08:37 Do You Need a Keyboard Amplifier?
08:49 Pro Tip: Use Headphones for Keyboard Practice
09:10 Amount of Keyboard Keys to Consider
10:10 The 88 Key Keyboard for Beginners
10:28 Best Keyboard Brands for Beginners
11:17 Advantages of a New Keyboard vs. a Used Keyboard Piano
12:27 Learn Keyboard at School of Rock

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