Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer - Out Of The Box at Front End Audio

Check out the Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer in our "Out Of The Box" series here at Front End Audio where we quick look at this equalizer, the features and what you can expect when you open the box!

The Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer is a mastering version of the REQ-2.2, but features an active filter low band. The Equalizer utilizes parallel resonant circuits in a clever configuration whereby the bandwidth (Q) of the circuit can be adjusted like an active filter, but without any complex relay switching. The inductor/capacitor resonant tank eq circuit runs at a low internal signal level which avoids any inductor saturation effects. The overall result is the sound of real choke based filters with a big open sound, but without the limitation of only a few - or no bandwidth selections as found on traditional choke eq's.

For more information on the Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer, check it out here:

To see the REQ-2.2MEA in our demo video, check it out here:
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