Cab Simulators: a Synthesizer Secret Weapon? (feat. GFI System Cabzeus)

Cab/cabinet/speaker simulators are a tool most often associated with guitarists, but could a cab simulator be just the thing to help you find inspiration and new tonal colours for your synths and drum machines?

In this video I'll explain what a cab simulator is and show some examples of what a stereo cab simulator like the GFI Cabzeus can do in the context of electronic instruments in terms of colouring, reshaping and creating pleasing, subtle (and not so subtle) stereo width to mono sources.

Transparency Notice: GFI System kindly provided me with the Cabzeus for the purposes of making this video. They have not had, nor asked for any editorial oversight of the video's contents.

00:00 - Intro
01:20 - What is a Cab Sim?
02:20 - The effect of speakers on the character of sounds
03:09 - Guitar speakers are technically bad (subjectively cool though)
04:35 - Introducing Cabzeus
06:20 - Demo with Korg Minilogue
11:09 - CabsLab software
17:11 - Demo with Arturia Drumbrute Impact
20:53 - Demo with Arturia Microfreak
25:39 - What do the Edge and Centre controls do?
28:09 - Edge and Centre with a synth
31:09 - Edge and Centre with a drum machine
33:10 - Other cab sim options
35:08 - Outro
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