Can a 15 Watt Guitar Amp Compete With 100 Watts? Marshall vs Matchless vs Suhr vs PRS vs Boss Katana

In today's video we see if 15 Watt guitar amplifiers can compete with a 35 watt Matchless and a couple of 100 watt Marshalls and lastly a 100 watt Boss Katana.
The amps in today's video are
Matchless Independence 35
Marshall JCM 200 100 Watt
Marshall JCM 900 100 Watt
Suhr PT 15 15 Watt
PRS MT 15 15 Watt
Boss Katana 100 Watt
We were both stunned by what amp was the loudest.
The Studio Rats are core band members Paul Drew on guitar/production/mixing, drummer James Ivey and Dan Hawkins on bass. They collaborate with singers and musicians to produce radio-ready songs.
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