CAN Motor Drivers Workshop - Nova Rover

A video going through the design and implementation of Monash Nova Rover's brushed motor drivers, the CMDs!
See addendum in the slides for better explanation of the PWM details.

0:00 Intro
0:52 High Level Schematic
1:35 SAMTEC Connector
5:48 HBridge
6:40 PWM
7:35 Bootstrapping and MOSFET/HalfBridge Drivers
20:42 HBridge Circuit
24:12 Current and Temperature Sensing
25:24 CAN Bus and Voltage Regulation
32:36 PIC Schematic
38:02 PWM Details (see addendum slides for better explanation)
50:35 Current Chopping
53:48 Velocity Control
1:01:16 CAN Commands
1:12:02 Components on the PCB
1:13:10 Final Questions and Wrap Up
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