Can You Match These Three Amps Correctly? GIVEAWAY!

Most guitar players swear by their choices in gear. It's 'the best', the tone is so chime-y I want to cry, you could kick it and it would still be musical... Often these gear choices also happen to be the most expensive on the market and anything 'cheap' is seen as a revolting tone suck that isn't worth a second glance.

If we take away all brand names, visual cues, what 'should' sound best and strictly go by performance only, will most guitar players still pick the expensive option?

We're going to have some fun. A competition of sorts.

GIVEAWAY TERMS (read carefully):

To enter contest visit this link: https://sweepwidget.com/view/38523-a6glj2q5

1. One person will win a free 30 min pedalboard consult with Goodwood Audio and $250USD credit to the Goodwood Audio store *Goodwood Products Only*.

2. Guess all 3 clips correctly and DOUBLE your entries automatically.

Possible guesses:
i. Mooer Hornet White
ii. Strymon Iridium
iii. Matchless Lightning

3. Visit this link to enter and see how you can gain multiple entries! https://sweepwidget.com/view/38523-a6glj2q5

4. Winner will be chosen on YouTube on November 12 (Next Friday)!


00:00 - Intro
00:21 - The premise
00:55 - The competitors (the amps)
02:18 - The Audio Examples (blind audio test)
03:19 - Conclusion
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