Capturing Megadeth's - The Sick, The Dying... And the Dead Guitar Tone (EVH 5150iii 50w)

Using the EVH 5150iii 50w today trying to dial in Megadeth's new album - The Sick, The Dying... And the Dead.
Dave Mustaine is an absolute monster on the guitar and still pushing physical limits in his playing. I thought his vocals were fantastic and the production is unreal. Definitely solid album that I enjoy and love playing.

Anyone with the Torpedo Captor X you can download my favourite cab presets here -

Links are below for all other presets or pdf's of previous Capturing Tone series

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Capturing Tone Settings

Two-Notes Torpedo Captor X Preset (Sounds like my 1936v 2x12 & SM57)

Amplitube 4 Presets

Archetype Nolly Presets

Mercuriall Reaxis Presets

Fortin Nameless Presets
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