Carr Amplifiers - Our Favorite Boutique Amps (You'll hear why!)

Brett and Larry take a deep dive into Carr Amplifiers.
And with this special series, not only do you get the one-of-a-kind sound of Steve Carr's hand-built amps, but in a custom All-American color scheme created especially for Moore Guitars! Declare your independence from mass-produced tones. If you want to stand out in the studio and live performances, these low-wattage Carr amps deliver unique and earth-shaking sounds. That why they're the choice of players like Eric Johnson, Jeff Tweedy and John Abercrombie.
Cathode biased power tube sections deliver the sweet tones of vintage Tweed, coupled with modern gain tube preamps for sounds you've never heard from compact amps. Check out the Carr Amplifier line at Moore Guitars!

Carr amps right here: https://bit.ly/MG_Carr_USA

Video content:
0:00 Intro jam
1:10 Carr USA amps for Moore Guitars
2:00 Working with Steve Carr
5:40 Carr amps design/build
7:15 The Carr Skylark
11:54 The Carr Raleigh
14:30 The Carr Super Bee
18:34 Final thoughts
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