Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead: F.S.G.F.S/Stewart/EP39: Gas, loudspeakers and blades

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Songs used: Dannheim - Kala / Dannheim - Grima

World settings for this character: 11 city size/8 city spacing/3.50x monster spawning/default carrion spawning/0.25x (This was changed due to late game oversight) Item spawn rate/8.00 days?(not 100% how it works) NPC spawn rate/0.00 Monster evolution scaling (This has been changed to 0 since NPC's can't even exist it seems with everything big and scary and it doesn't ruin the experience at all just makes it less of a sponge fest IMO)/everything else on default. And the F.S.G.F.S challenge idea is just for fun there is no actual goal or any rules or inhibitors just all the cards are stacked against us and we just have to live as long as we can it might be 1 episode or a million but obviously this won't be the only one if the worst comes to worst!

Mods in use for this world: Blaze industries/C.R.I.T expansion mod/Magiclysm/Gun cotton (just to have a way that if some how we get lucky/good enough we can make our own muskets!)/Mining mod/Alternative map key/Cars to Wrecks/SECRONOM (I highly advise you from using this mod if you plan on just starting it's a very unforgiving and brutal mod pack adds terrifying god like monsters that can easily 1 hit you in even some high end gear)/Both see play icons (just a good visual feedback for you to see what's chasing you rather then just remembering where and what is)/Bionic slots/Map graphics mod.

Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead or to most people (including myself) CDDA is a open source rougelike survival game WITH BUILD ABLE CARS!! (and it's a very flexible complex system that will make you very happy to figure out) that's about honestly well.... We have no idea the world basically just ended in every single way humanly possible we got your normal zombies/aliens coming but we also go literal hell gates spawning horrors you hope to never see, sentient fungal hive minds that are planning on taking over all of life, and every single ai/robot has gone absolutely rouge, it's an absolute mess your goal on the other hand is to SOMEHOW survive these impossible odds and to see how far you can get you and don't hope for anything since the ENTIRE GAME is procedurally generated, meaning you have no idea what could be there and where to go everything is based off your risks that YOU are willing take try getting lucky at a military outpost to only find 4 fully automatic M249 armed auto turrets that will make you walk back RIGHT quick it's an amazing game and you're probably thinking *damn that's a lot of content how much will it cost?* well let me tell you it's absolutely FREE, and is definitely worth your time to try it's a bit of a hassle to learn all the controls but eventually you will be able to keep it all to muscle memory and enjoy an absolute hidden GEM of a game. #CDDA #CunningRat #FSGFS
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