Chinon Sound SS 1200 8mm Projector HD 1080p

Like new all in excellent working condition. It has not been extensively used. Needs some TLC on rewind but works fine.

Check out video on Youtube

Below is the description as marketed in 1978
super 8 mm film
lens: Zoom f: 1.3 \ F: 15-30 mm
lamp: 150 W, 15 V, EFR
lamp economy switch: low light output; increases the lamp's lifetime
pilot lamp: bulit-in; lights when projector is connected to power supply
built-in daylight screen: 8 cm diagonal screen
reel capacity: 360 m (1)
film loading: automatic threading
projection: forward, reverse
projection speed: 18, 24 fps, with speed adjustment +/- 1 fps
film counter: mechanical, 4 digits
sound: magnetic playback on both sound tracks
sound mode: mono, duo, stereo
amplifier: transistorized
amplifier output: 2 x 7.5 sine power; 2 x 15 W music power
frequency response: 60-10000 Hz at 18 fps, 60-12000 Hz at 24 fps
track sound controls: track volume, track tone, track recording level
recording: magnetic recording on both sound tracks
sound-on-sound: and sound fading
recording level control: auto and manual
VU meter: 2 recording level meters, for track 1 and track 2
recording indicators: 2 LED lights, for track 1 and track 2
automatic start of recording: selection of starting point via memory counter; remote start of external tape recorder possible
track-to-track dubbing: synchronous sound transfer from track 1 to track 2 and vice versa
sound mixing: yes
Public Address: before and during projection possible
input terminal: 2 x Microphone, 2 x Dubbing, Auxiliary (300 mV, 1 M-ohm, PA Input
input jacks: Mic: 3.5 mm jack; Aux: 5-pin RCA jack
output terminal: Headphones, 2 x Line Out, 2 x Dubbing, 2 x External Speaker (2 x 7.5 W, 16 Ohm)
output jacks: Line-Out: 5-pin DIN jack; Dubbing, headphones: 3.5 mm jack
built-in speaker: 2 speakers
drive system: two electronically controlled DC motors
weight: 10,500 g
dimensions: 150 x 245 x 360 mm
made in Japan by Chinon

Weight 25 lbs
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