Choosing my first guitar - Lesson 1, of a beginners guitar course

This is the first lesson in a short guitar course that has been especially put together for absolute beginner guitarists to get you through the first few important steps you need to cover to start playing the guitar. If you learn the basics of how to play the guitar correctly, you'll be far less likely to develop any bad habits.

Absolute beginners short guitar course playlist;

This guitar lesson is for before you've even bought a guitar. How to choose a guitar to learn on. An absolute beginners guide to guitars types including classical guitars, western or folk guitars, electro acoustic guitars, semi acoustic guitars and finally solid body electric guitars. This lesson has tips to help you choose which type of guitar is best for you.

Before you even start playing the guitar you need to establish what style of guitar you would like to play and what style of guitar you should buy. This basic lesson explains some of the differences in the styles of guitars you can buy, the acoustic guitar, the electro-acoustic guitar, the semi-acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. The choices of guitar is endless and everyone has there own taste in guitars and guitar music.

Chapters in this video
00:00 introduction
00:50 electric or acoustic guitar
02:25 the classical or Spanish guitar
04:40 folk, western or steel strung guitars
06:55 electro acoustic guitars
09:34 semi acoustic guitars
11:02 solid body electric guitars
12:18 tips for buying your first guitar
14:30 summary

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