Circuit Tracks Jam, Volca Keys, Volca Bass // I'm sorry it took me so long

So I started off the first couple of patterns and had kind of a street latin vibe going, but then forgot about it while adding the pieces of the next pattern.

When I went back and tried to sequence then together it sounded like trash and I contemplated just dropping the whole thing.

But I persevered and pushing through the morning until I ended up with... this.... disjointed little thing.

0:00 Circuit Tracks intro
0:19 Circuit Tracks drums start
0:51 Subtle bassline change, veering into synthwave now
0:59 Randomising Circuit Tracks melody to introduce variation
1:26 Synthwave, this feels more familiar
1:59 Melody 2
2:09 Volca Keys lead, horn kind of sound, filter sweeping everywhere
3::40 Outro gently

#circuitcreations #dawless #synth #circuittracks #wearenovation #novationcircuittracks #volca #volcabass #volcakeys #synthesizers​ #retrowave #synthwave
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