Cold War & Nuclear War PYE Transceiver & Radiation Dosimeter from the 1970's from a Nuclear Bunker.

We take a look inside with technical description of a PYE Westminster radio transceiver from the 1970's employing both Germanium & Silicone devices & we look at quartz crystals to control the radio operating frequency, as this is an early radio well before syntersized radios were invented
We also look at a NATO issue Radiation Dosimeter for measuring radiation from fallout after a nuclear explosion. I talk about & demonstrate the dosimeter setup & calibration, look at the internals of the charger unit & the science of units of measure & impact radiation has on the human body (at end of video extract from Oak Ridge National Laboratory book) . These were both widely used by the Civil Defence UKWMO, & Government Departments & Military. The radio was removed from a Goverment Nuclear Bunker & had active service in readiness for WWIII.
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