Community Camera: Filmmaking Collectives | BFI London Film Festival 2021

A panel discussion exploring how marginalised communities can come together to tell their stories featuring members of three film collectives from across the UK.

It’s never been more important to make sure that everyone can see themselves on screen and that they can tell their own story. Across the country, communities that haven’t been given enough of a voice in the film industry are finding ways to make their own work and get it seen.

In this panel discussion we will be exploring how those who are marginalised can come together to tell their stories. Is working collectively going to give us a louder voice? How can filmmakers stay in touch with the community around them? What are some of the challenges of trying to make films with a social purpose? And is it ever going to be possible to represent everyone in your community with complete accuracy onscreen?

This event will also look at what it’s like to make films as a collective, from finding members to staying on the same page. How can working collaboratively make our films stronger and more exciting, and how can we manage differences of opinion? Whether you work collectively or not, collaboration is a key skill on any film set and we’ll explore the best ways to work with other creatives on a project.

The three collectives represented in this event are Amber Film and Photography Collective, Black Audio Film Collective and T A P E Collective. Amber is dedicated to capturing working-class voices from the North-East of England from their base in Newcastle. Black Audio Film Collective was founded in 1982 and was active until 1998, with their work pushing the boundaries of documentary film in experimental directions to capture the state of race relations in Britain. T A P E was founded in 2015 and has highlighted and supported work by filmmakers from under-served backgrounds since.


Bryan Dixon (Co-Director, Amber Film and Photography Collective)

Isra Al Kassi (Co-Founder, T A P E Collective)

Trevor Mathison (Founding Member, Black Audio Film Collective)

Host: Siavash Minoukadeh, BFI Film Academy Young Programmer

BFI Film Academy Young Programmer Curators: Siavash Minoukadeh, Erick Jackaman and Nick Willis



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