Computer Monitor Basics

This is a live Google Meet session recording of a requested class I put together for the local Dallas Retro Computer, Computer Reset Liquidation Group, and my groups on Facebook. It's a starting point if you wish to do your own work on your retro computer monitors, assuming you already know how to solder.

I recorded it with Camtasia so my audio was nice and clear, but the intro speaker and questions are low on audio as those came through the computer speakers and I had the mike facing me.

1. Safety First
2. Monitor Types
3. Playing With Blocks
4. A Closer Look at Blocks
5. Troubleshooting Tactics
6. Cautions on Repairs!
7. Common Failures
8. Finding Schematics
9. Finding Parts

Thank you to the following channels for short videos I used to drive points home during the live presentation: Nathan Walker (The Fonzie Snap), MontanaFPS (CRT Implosion Raw Video), and MrTesla1337 (CRT IMPLOSION (VERY LOUD))
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