Computing systems basics: Hardware | Test Club course - Lection 2

Second lection on Computing Systems Basics!

We will learn about the hardware of computing systems:
1) What is boolean algebra and how does it work in real life?
2) What are the different types of computing systems?
3) What is inside your computer?

This is your unique chance to get university-like computer science knowledge without having to go to the university!

Previous lection:

00:00 Intro
01:30 Agenda
02:10 Boolean algebra
04:07 Single argument logical operations
05:12 Logical AND (conjunction)
06:53 Logical OR (disjunction)
08:30 Logical AND based on transistors
10:10 Types of computing systems
12:50 Personal computers. What they consist of?
22:00 High-level diagram of a PC
23:30 High-level diagram of a video card
25:45 High-level diagram of a sound card
29:23 Wrap up

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