Connect Passive subwoofer (no amplified subwoofer) to an 7.1 or more home theater receiver.

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Easily connect passive subwoofers (subwoofers that requires external amplifier like most car's subwoofers) to an 7.1, 7.2, 9.1 or .2 home theater receiver amplifiers using the multizone or zone 2 feature of those systems.
This system I'm using is a Pioneer VSX-112-k with a pair of Bose acoustimass series II with the amplifier removed.
I have made other two videos in the past like this but some say it is not very clearly explained, so look at the other two and see if those systems are like the one you have:
for DENON:
00:00 Intro
00:39 Background
01:18 Testing the subwoofer speaker
02:30 Connecting subwoofer to multizone or zone 2
02:45 Connections for Zone 2
04:50 Description of inputs and outputs
07:24 Testing Zone 2
08:56 Injecting sound to zone 2
10:30 Testing the system
11:11 Configuring subwoofer level
11:58 Testing whole system again
13:05 Conclusiones
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