Conroe, Texas: Home Theater Media Room - "Watch Movie" setting in Indoor Home Theater


This homeowner in Conroe, Texas, hasn't quite gotten all of his home theater furniture in just yet. Due to supply chain issues and limits around foam, he hasn't been able to get his recliner sofa and full seating set up.

However, that didn't stop us from getting the media room all set up from a technology perspective. With just a single button press or even with a voice command sent to Alexa, the "watch movie" setting can be activated.

When that is set, the lights dim and the curtain opens.

The projector, Roku, Apple TV, and receiver turn on.

The audio is attenuated to the perfect home theater settings for ideal surround sound in the theater.

All of that to say, that with just a single button press, the scene is set for a perfect night in.

After the movie is over, pressing the button again brings the home theater back to how it is in the room when no one is watching. The projector turns off, the lights turn back on, and the home theater curtain closes.

Whether it's home theater, home audio, underwater pool speakers, sprinkler control, or any other aspect of home or business automation, we're here to help!

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