Constant Image Height Screens

All about Constant Image Height (CIH) 2.35:1 Home Theater screens. Also known as Cinemascope or Wide Screen. Why constant image height? What sort of projector do you need? What features should you look for?

Projectors with Lens Memory (not all inclusive)
Epson: 4010, 4050, 5050, 6050, LS1100, LS1200
JVC: NP5, NX5, NX7, NX9, RS1000, RS1100, RS2000, RS2100, RS3000, RS3100
Sony: VW715, VW915, XW6000, XW7000

00:00 #1: Introduction
00:15 #2: What is a Constant Image Height Screen
02:46 #3: What you need to do a CIH Screen
04:24 #4: Zoom and fill method
06:39 #5: Lens Memory
09:27 #6: Drawbacks of zoom and fill
10:20 #7: Anamorphic Lens method
12:34 #8: Speakers with CIH Screen
14:18 #9: What about Variable Aspect Ratio movies?
17:21 10: Outtro
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