Consultation - Iowa Food Forest

This consultation is in regards to two properties in Iowa. One main home site and a remote site. We talked about some of the following highlights...

Techniques for propagating Goumi and other plants
Ideas for planting out Black Walnut riverside context
White Ash successional strategies (replacing dead and dying trees)
Defending/absorbing toxins from neighboring annual conventional fields
Ideas for collecting seed, cuttings, etc.
Discussions on ramping up large numbers of tree plantings ASAP
A whole bunch more.

This is our first experiment in sharing remote consultations with a wider audience. Please understand there are issues with the audio (scratching with the mic and mis-matched levels... we will keep evolving this, please be patient with those aspects that still need work).
The idea with these is to share a real world consultation in the hopes that there may be concepts, approaches and ideas that flow and can be useful to your project! Let us know how it lands, what could be better, what you found valuable, what questions you have, suggestions for the steward we're talking with, etc... Lets evolve this! - Join as an Edible Acres member for access to members live Question and Answer sessions and to support our work! - A simple and direct way to ‘tip’ to help support the time and energy we put into making our videos. Thanks so much!

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We also offer consultation and support in our region or remotely.
Happy growing!
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