Coolmusic Electric Drum Amplifier 100w Bluetooth Professional Electronic Drum Kit Amp Monitor Keybo

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Coolmusic Electric Drum Amplifier 100w Bluetooth Professional Electronic Drum Kit Amp Monitor Keyboard Speaker 2 Channels 3-Band EQ with USB, by Vangoa

About this item
✔️[Excellent Sound Performance] 100 watt drum amp enables you to get the greatest sound performance with its excellent responsiveness and clean amplification on various occasions. 10-inch woofer adds depth to different sounds with low frequencies, perfect for giving your e drums a significant sound boost, and 1-inch tweeter makes high-frequency sounds cracking richer and more realistic regardless of volume or frequency
✔️[Enhanced Connectivity] 2 inputs along with stable Bluetooth and practical USB connection, you could have 3 signals going through the drum monitor at once: drum set, backing track, and bass guitar or keyboard, you can play any songs from your device without worrying about incompatibility issues. 3-band EQ lets you control low, mid, and high frequencies with the turn of a knob to shape the sound with precision
✔️[Professional Compatiblity] D.I output ensures a fast connection with other speakers or mixing console, USB function offers a direct recording through the drum speaker and allows easy adjustment with MP3 feature. With this multifunctional powerful drum kit amp, when you get advanced, available for practicing with a loud band without spending more
✔️[Tilted Upwards Design] Angled electronic drum amp can be properly positioned on the floor for plenty of volumes so that you could hear correctly and convenient control panel position offers precise handling for perfect harmony across all instruments, 100w is powerful enough to use on a large stage and versatile for home practice and small gigs
✔️[Considerate Design] Heavy-duty steel and rounded edge perfectly protect your e drum speaker and tweeter, a convenient durable handle for easy carrying around the monitor or make some floor adjustments to suit your needs, as for tuning to your liking, chicken head shape knobs twist comfortable and smooth. 1 Year warranty and life-long after-sales service provided, buy with confidence!
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