Cosmic Demos #007 - Stacking pedals in a vague attempt to mimic a Beetronics fuzz, or thereabouts

Gear in this video:

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Signal Blender

OBNE Signal Blender Loop A

Haunted Labs Zombie Buffer
Wakefield Circuits Psychonaut Fuzz
BMF Effects Marc f’n Ford Boost/Drive
Tacoma Standard Electronics Cosmic Chorus/Vibe
Boss Harmonist PS-6
MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Walrus Audio SLO Reverb

OBNE Signal Blender Loop B

Happy Valley Analog C-Clamp Compressor
AWOL Pedals Flow
Recovery Effects Gallows in the Morning Double OD + Reverb
EHX Attack Decay
Blue Floyd Phase 90 Clone
Max Pedals Nightmare Reverb
Neunaber Serafim Shimmer v2

Amp: Peavey Classic 30
Guitar: Vox SDC55
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