Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire (SRV & Mayer Tones) - Music & Demo by A. Barrero

"SRV, Ford, Carlton, Mayer ... they're all in this box !!"

- Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire: Crossfire is inspired by one of the most iconic pedal - amp combinations in guitar history. The left side is voiced after the blackface amps that defined clean electric guitar sounds. Following the circuit path to the exact detail we managed to include all the essential sonic ingredients. From the big bold lows, sparkly highs and slightly scooped mids, to the powerful sound of a solid state rectified 4x 6L6GC power amp or the sponginess of a tube rectified 2x 6L6GC power amp selectable through the headroom switch."

* Video with an original "Melodic Blues / Rock" intro song © *

- 0:00 - Original Intro Song (Melodic Blues / Rock)
- 1:04 - In Depth (Suhr Classic S / Strat Style)
- 1:19 - Left Side (Blackface) Controls & Tones
- 4:48 - Right Side (Overdrive) Controls & Tones
- 7:03 - Both Channels / Amazing Sounds

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- Guitars: Suhr Classic HSS, Friedman Vintage-T Classic, & Stanford Marquee (modded)
- Amp: Victory V40 Deluxe Combo
- Mics: Shure SM57 & Beyer M160
- Preamp: MPF - Sound KS-2 Pure Class A Tube Mic- Preamp
- Drums: Superior Drums 3 + Drumagog 5 (Own Sounds & Loops)
- Synth: Spectrasonic Omnisphere
- Bass: Sire MM V7 USA - MPF Tube Bass Pre DI
- Interface: Prism Sound Lyra 2
- Software: Pro Tools 12 & Sonar
- Cams: Panasonic GH5S & GX9 (Leica Lens)
- Mixed & Mastered at Blue Sphere Studio (A. Barrero)

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