Crazy Tube Circuits TI:ME | Secret Weapons Demo & Review

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A delay that sounds as good as it looks. Crazy Tube Circuits has created something special with TI:ME, a nostalgic look back at early digital echo units. Boasting beautifully tuned repeats, great saturation characteristics, and the actual best vibrato I've ever heard in a delay pedal; the TI:ME is a tap tempo delay to take seriously.

Signal Path:
29 Pedals EUNA
Origin Cali76
Benson Boost
Jackson Audio Broken Arrow
Fairfield Shallow Water
Crazy Tube Circuits TI:ME
Neunaber Immerse mkii
Strymon Iridium

00:00 - Intro Song
02:10 - Review
06:50 - Sound Samples

Recorded in LUNA

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