Create Your Own Nasty Blues Licks! Improve Your Blues PHRASING and TONE on Guitar

Well, it seems a whole lotta people dug the nasty blues licks lesson. If you haven’t seen it check it out here: https://youtu.be/s1ibh_tzHns

I got lots of questions and comments on it so I thought I would extrapolate on the NBL concept a bit. In part 2 I added some more licks but I also show you how to get the tone, feel, and thinking behind the Nasty Blues Licks creation.

Topics covered in todays lesson are bending, vibrato, muting, dynamics, raking, pinch harmonics, how to get a wicked blues rock tone, sliding, changing positions, chromatic runs, mixing major and minor, and much much more!

You guys and gals out there all rock! Thanks for the comments and the support! You make all of this possible.

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