Crutchfield Live #11: Bose interview, Devialet Dione sound bar, Dolby Atmos at home

This week on Crutchfield Live, JR's flying solo, which he doesn't mind too much. He talks about our Bose SoundLink Flex giveaway, and how you can enter to win. Jason from Bose joins the show for an interview, and we see the amazing Devialet Dione sound bar.

At the top of the show, JR takes some time to answer a customer's question about the Sony X90J TV and the Samsung QN90A. What's the difference? Is one better than the other?

Jason from Bose is on next, and he's an interesting guy who has been doing the same sort of job as JR for a long time. He's a fountain of knowledge about Bose and its many products over the years.

Next we talk about Dolby Atmos. What is it, why would I want it, and how do I get it at home? Luckily there are now Dolby Atmos capable systems available for all kinds of room layouts and other considerations.

Dolby Atmos surround sound:

The Devialet Dione Dolby Atmos sound bar, like you may expect from Devialet, is a little different in its design, but sounds incredible. The bass in particular is what caught our attention. The Dione is a unique sound bar that is worth a look.

Devialet Dione sound bar:

Stay tuned for the code word for our Bose SoundLink Flex giveaway - you can take that code word and use it for 25 extra sweepstakes entries. That increases your chances 25x! As a reminder, we have four Bose SoundLink Flex speakers to give away.

Enter before 4:15pm, EST on 4/21:

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0:00 Our cool new lead-in
0:59 Intro and welcome
2:17 What's on today's show
3:26 Poll question: What do you use for Movie sound at home?
5:04 Customer question: Samsung QN90A vs Sony X90J?
10:43 Some customer questions and shout-outs
12:38 Interview with Jason from Bose
1:01:29 How to enter the Bose SoundLink Flex sweepstakes and how to get the code word!
1:02:52 The code is...
1:06:10 Poll results
1:06:38 Dolby Atmos, and how to get it at home
1:14:08 Devialet Dione sound
1:17:46 Customer pics of their home and car systems
1:21:08 Outro and one more look at that code word
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