Crutchfield Live #15: SVS subs giveaway, hands-on with JBL, and mailbag

In this week's episode, Abby joins JR as co-host, and has some exciting news about her new job at Crutchfield. Plus, we give away a pair of SVS subs, talk about our recent JBL demo day, and answer some viewer questions.

JBL visited the Crutchfield campus recently, and they brought along a whole bunch of cool car audio demos, speakers, even a loaded RV. We've got some cool footage from that event, which is the kind of thing we do all the time at Crutchfield in order for our advisors to get hands-on with the products they recommend.

Abby is a huge fan of the various JBL PartyBoxes, and she & JR have one of them on the desk in front of them to play with. JR loves fiddling with it, and shows you some of the cool lighting and sound effects it can do.

We answer some viewer questions, including how to add a separate amplifier to an A/V receiver, and explain why you might need an iDatalink interface for your car stereo installation.

Last but not least, our next contest is revealed: Philips Hue smart lighting. Philips Hue is a super cool way to really customize and automate the lighting in your home, and we're putting together a good prize package, which we'll reveal during our next episode.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Welcome
2:35 Shout outs to viewers
4:47 Abby's name controversy
8:04 Last chance for sweepstakes entry
9:41 Poll question: What do we call Abby?
12:36 JBL demo day at Crutchfield
22:55 JBL PartyBox
42:10 Viewer question: Can I add an amplifier to my home theater receiver?
49:00 Viewer question: What is iDatalink for in my car stereo installation?
52:51 Poll result: What is Abby's new name?
54:58 Customer pictures #crutchfield
1:03:51 And the SVS sweepstakes winner is...
1:06:50 Our next giveaway: Philips Hue lighting
1:09:18 Outro
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