Cube Audio Nenuphar Powered By Tektron At Milano Hi-Fidelity Audio Show 2021 [BONUS ITA Video 4kUHD]

Beautiful setup At Milano Hi-Fidelity Audio Show 2021.
Speaker Cube Audio Nenuphar
Cube Audio Nenuphar is a single driver loudspeaker based on Cube Audio F10 Neo drivers. State of art fullrange drivers combined with very effective TQWT enclosure results in real extraordinary experience. Modern, elegant design and high-quality black or white piano finish make the loudspeaker a beautiful addition to every style of interior. All drivers and loudspeakers are handmade in Poland.
The Nenuphars are dedicated for rooms of 20 - 40 square meters. They are a perfect match for a tube amp with at least 3 Watts per channel. Nonetheless, most solid-state amps (especially those working in A-class) are also an amazing match for the Nenuphars. When it comes to placement, they can be placed both forward and placed right against the back wall. They like about 5-10 degrees of toe-in.

Amplifier Tektron The Heritage Series
Only class A layouts and the best and rarest tubes to reach the best sound for value.
From the refined single ended triode to the effortless power of the best push-pull designs.

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