curiosity teardown: cable modem (with VoIP)

This time I'm tearing down a nasty looking 13 year old cable modem that I literally found on the side of the road - and it sure does look like something you'd find on the side of the road.

But after cleaning the gravel off it, it's a pretty interesting piece of tech, albeit an old-ish piece of tech.

If you care to know more about this thing, here's the manufacturer's spec sheet: http://gditechnology.com/manuals/Arris-tm602g_Data%20Sheet.pdf

The digital microscope I used in this video: http://pileofstuff.ca/r/hl3o3

Battery results (so far)

They all actually took a charge, which is a good start.
Results so far:
1: 1350 mA/h
2: 1700 mA/h

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This isn't the only way to do it.
It's probably not the best way to do it.

But it's how I do it.
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