CVC Technicolor (Funai) MicroVideo cassette recorder - Fixing a broken rare format machine - Part 1

Something very different - a CVC format machine from 1980. This uses a cassette slightly larger than an audio cassette to record upto one hours worth of video/audio and is for the time exceptionally portable.

This is part 1 where the machine is stripped down, belts replaced and then it has basic checks and a realisation there is quite a bit more to fix!

It's a bit of a long video as I've left a lot in (but also edited a lot out!) as there is so little information available on this machine.

More to come on this machine in the coming weeks plus we have a Grundig variant on the way!

00:00 Introduction
02:29 User and service manual
02:55 Quick tour
05:58 The power supply
07:55 Disassembly
14:15 Main PCB
16:15 Deck appraisal
35:51 Tape end sensors
36:50 Belts
50:08 Testing the deck
55:33 Lacing issues
59:24 Final test and closing comments
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