Dahlquist dq-10 + Yamaha A-1020 integrated amplifier 125w + JVC XL-V161 CD player

Dahlquist dq-10 speakers early production models. I found both original tweeters blown and one woofer needs a new surround. Using a few donor tweeters and a 12" Fostex laboratory series L470 woofer for now until I fix the originals...The amp is a Yamaha A-1020 integrated amplifier 125wpc + JVC XL-V161 CD player. (Ariston Audio RDlls/ADC ALT-1/Ortofon Blue turntable/arm/cart in pic)

These Dahlquist were untouched, never opened phased array vintage speakers made in Freeport NY with 5 drivers. Original crossovers. The woofer is enclosed in a sealed box and the other drivers are all open baffle, mounted to pieces of Masonite. Amplifier is 125 wpc and only a quarter open. They are 32" wide and 30" high and about 60lbs ea. (big speakers). Had to set them up in my unfinished basement...

I showcase all my videos using the same cell phone, same song, same distance and same 80 db level...This test may sound a bit different because their in a different room with no side walls and all concrete...Best to use high quality headphones or ear buds to compare between videos...

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