Dancing McIntosh Meters

Ahhh.... the hypnotizing mcintosh meters. And if Martin Logans sounded better than Magnepans then i'd be drinking from a magnepan glass instead lol.

*Note - This is not an audiophile reference video/audio recording by any means. Youtube compresses the original audio and is by no means an accurate representation of the actual fidelity, tonality, or system performance.

Amplifier: McIntosh MC452
Source: Oppo UDP205
Loudspeakers: Magnepan 1.6QR
Subwoofers: Rythmik G25HP Subs (x2)
Acoustic Treatment: DIY panels using Ultratouch R19
Measurement Microphone: Dayton UMM-6
Room Acoustics Software: REW
Influenced by: Ethan Winer, AES Damn Lies Workshop, and Tele-Vision HD
Artist: O-Zone Percussion Group
Album: La Bamba
Released: 2007
Genre: Contemporary Jazz

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