DASH CAM - No Display Fault - Can I Fix it? + NES Revisit

Hi, here we have a faulty NEXTBASE 112 Go Dash Camera which was sent in by John and has a no display fault. Can it be fixed?
Also in the middle of this video I do a quick revisit on my yellowed Nintendo Entertainment System which was used to fix the NES that had numerous faults. Chips have been sent in by Dan from @New Retro Repair and also Duncan from Duncan's Deals.

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Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things. I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things, so I hope that comes across in this 'Trying to FIX' series. Many thanks, Vince.
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