Dead Towed Vehicle Battery! Install of Charge Line on Towed Vehicle and Backfeeding Fix

We have been struggling keeping our flat towed vehicle battery from being drained while driving from place to place. In this video we install a charge line kit to charge the towed vehicle using the RV as our power source. We also install a diode kit to resolve an issue with the charge line backfeeding to the rest of the electrical system.

When RVing, there are some travel days that are long. Do you know what makes the day longer? When we pull up to a campsite, and the battery to our towed vehicle (a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk) is dead. Our first temporary fix was to buy a portable battery charger. In this video, we share our permanent fix, which was install a charge line between the RV and the Jeep. The charge line basically charges the towed vehicle battery using power from the RV.

Unfortunately, our charge line fix resulted in another big problem: the breaking system on our towed vehicle (the Roadmaster Invisibrake system) was engaging when it should not. After Kasie conducted some research and troubleshooting tests, we believe that was because current was backfeeding to the Invisibrake system from the Jeep battery itself. To solve that issue, Kasie installed a diode. Confused? We’ll explain more and provide the details in this video.

Time Codes:
0:00 -- Introduction
2:02 – Roadmaster charge line installation
4:46 – Description of new issues with backfeed
6:39 – Temporary fix to backfeed issue
7:14 – Park light diode installation
11:11 – Updates – did it work
11:33 – Disclaimers
12:25 – Outtakes and B-Roll

DeWalt portable charger:
Nighthawk Roadmaster Tow Bar:
Roadmaster Invisibrake System:
Roadmaster Charge Line Kit:
Park Light Diode:
Dielectric Grease:

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