Definitive Technology 5 Speaker Package - OfferUp $540 ~ MSRP $2,749

Definitive Technology 5 Speaker Package - OfferUp $540 - MSRP $2,749

Average Guy HiFi Rating - 40/50 = 80%

Demo: Matrix Trilogy 4k Set

Movie - Matrix



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Must own movie for those of us serious about home theater. The lobby scene is one of my favorite scenes for showcasing your system.

Speakers included in the package

Qty. 2 - Definitive Technology BP2002
Qty. 2 - Definitive Technology BP-1.2X
Qty. 1 - Definitive Technology Mythos Three

Definitive Technology BP-2002

Frequency Response -
Nominal Impedance - 8 Ohm
Sensitivity ([email protected]) -
Power Handling (RMS) - 20 - 300 Watts
Mid - 4 x 5.25”
Tweeter - 2 1” Pure Aluminum Dome
Woofer - 12” 250 Watts RMS
External Dimensions (H x W x D) - 43” x 7 1/4 x 14 3/4 Inches
Weight (each) -

MSRP ~ $900 each (couldn’t find exact MSRP, due to age)

Definitive Technology Mythos Three

Frequency Response - 45 - 30,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance - 8 Ohm
Sensitivity ([email protected]) - 91 dB
Power Handling (RMS) - 200 W
Woofer - 4 1/2” qty 2
Bass Radiators - 4 1/2 qty 2
Tweeter - 1” Pure Aluminum Dome qty 1
External Dimensions (H x W x D) - 5 7/16” x 25 1/2” x 4 3/16”
Weight (each) ~ 12.5 lbs.

MSRP - $549

Definitive Technology BP-1.2X

Frequency Response - 52 - 30,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance - 8 Ohm
Sensitivity ([email protected]) - 90 dB
Power Handling (RMS) - 125 W
Woofer - 4 1/2” qty 2
Tweeter - 1” Pure Aluminum Dome qty 2
External Dimensions (H x W x D) - 10.5” x 9” x 6”
Weight (each) ~ 6 lbs.

MSRP - $400 each

5 Speaker MSRP ~ $2,749

Website Listed For Sale - OfferUp

Where I Purchased - Front porch of someone’s home, to avoid any physical contact during these crazy times.

Listed Price - $540

Price Paid - $540

Condition - 90% (not counted in the score)

Quality - 8.0

I have always loved Definitive Technology and their quality. The Mythos lineup feels especially high quality, mostly because of the metal cabinets.

The reason I’m only giving an 8, which is still a good score, for quality is because of internal amplifier failures which seems to be more prevalent, the older the powered speakers get.

Still very sturdy cabinet, nice speaker components and high quality finishes.

Sound - 8.5

Definitive Technology has always made, what I consider, dynamic sounding speakers. I have had some DT speakers where the 1” aluminum tweeter seemed a bit harsh or bright.

The center channel was the weak link, in this 5 speaker pack. The towers were made and designed to sound large but they are large. The Mythos 3 was designed to sound larger than it’s size but I still consider it to be a minor compromise.

The set would have scored better if it came with the matching CLR-2000 or 2002.

Excellent sounding set of speakers for the price. The bass from the towers and the bi-polar design, are the highlights.

MSRP Rating - 7.5

At a MSRP of $2,749, this set when new offered a pretty good value. The fact that the towers come with built in subs, that would satisfy the vast majority of novice home theater fans, can really save money.

The reviews of Definitive Technology speakers are usually very good and value is one of the main reasons. For what I consider to be mid-level speakers, DT is a great overall option.

Aesthetics - 8.0

I know this style is a big love it or hate it thing but I happen to like the looks of the towers. They are kind of understated, with the “sock” covering up the vast majority of the cabinets but that’s the point.

With that all said, the towers are pretty large so make sure you have the height and the depth available to you.

Price Paid Value - 8.0

$540 for this set is a very good deal as I have seen the towers alone, sell for more. This would be an excellent set for beginners to take a nice step up, from more entry 5 speaker packages.

Again, the fact that the towers each have a respectable sub, will help folks out there save floor space and money.

Average Guy HiFi Rating - 40/50 = 80%

Other Equipment Used:

Receiver- Lexicon RV-6
Amplifier - Monolith 5X
TV - LG C9 OLED 65”
Blu-ray Player - Xbox One X
Surge Protection - Panamax M5400-PM
Subwoofer - Velodyne DD12BG
Fans - AC Infinity T10 x2
Speaker Wires - MediaBridge speaker and subwoofer cables

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